Thursday, March 11, 2010

J.Crew Metallic Beach: Tons of IRL Pics

item# 23159 - $128 
available in Camel and Silver
*Gold on Backorder until 5/17 and Silver XL on Backorder until July!

I was lucky enough to snag the gold color on the 20% off promo before they went on backorder.  I also ordered the silver so I could try it on with different things, although it will have to go on sale quite a bit before I'll buy it for keeps! 

Below is just a TON of pics of each cardi with different color combos, etc... I didn't dress any of the outfits up cute with jewelry or anything, I just wanted to get an idea of how much I liked each color and how 'metallic-ish' they would look.  Too much metallic really leaves me feeling more "holiday" time than "beach" time!
Most of the items I have on with the cardigans I've already reviewed... or they are in line to be reviewed on this blog in the next week or two.  I finish up with a short review of this sweater.

I wore this outfit into my B&M the other day and got several compliments .... I love the gold with this shirt!

*Bottom Line*
SIZE: I purchased the XS and it fits TTS to a little large for JC.  A Small would definitely be too big, as I'm still able to button the XS 19 weeks pregnant!

MATERIAL: It's not super itchy and it's not the most comfy either.  It might have been in my head, but the gold seemed a bit less itchy and rough than the silver. Who knows.  The metallic is definitely more comfortable to me than some winter sweaters with odd animal hair in them!  Jewelry is this sweater's enemy!  Seriously!  I'm not talking gaping holes or anything, but I've already cut 2 or 3 loose golden strands off the sleeves ... it's doesn't affect the look though.  Just beware.

LOOK: I loved each color equally, but seemed to be able to create more outfits with the gold, so that's the one I'm keeping for now.  I can see throwing this on with anything just about all year long.  I completely plan on bringing it with my on our trip to LA later this month... it goes with everything, so it's a good piece to bring!

PRICE: $128 is a bit steep in my opinion considering it's not cashmere or something.  You're paying for the uniqueness of the product here.  I got mine for $102 and I am OKAY with that ..... $80 would make me happier!  I will buy the silver if it goes $80 or below. 


  1. I don't personally love the cardigan, (i have something very similar, only short sleeved, that i bought from jcrew last summer, on sale)---however, you have clearly modeled the gold perfectly! the gold, in my opinion, looks better and like you said, can be worn for many seasons. I love it with the black tee underneath, the best!!

  2. I bought this sweater earlier this week in the Silver color. Hadn't given it a second look when it first came out but saw it displayed in the store. Grabbed it to try and turns out -- I REALLY LOVE IT! Very unique material and I love that it's a relaxed fit. Size down would be my advice. I love all the colors you featured with it. The silver looks great with the charcoal striped bateau which I was wearing when I tried it on. Agree the price is a bit steep...

  3. mrs.anketell: I wish I had seen then short-sleeved version last year .... sounds cute! I have a cropped gold and less metallic version from LOFT from 2 years ago... but the style isn't versatile at all!

    annegav: I totally agree on sizing down. I bet the silver DID look great with the gray striped bateau!!

  4. I love both colors on you (I like especially the last outfit with the silver), but you were right in buying the gold and waiting for the silver, I think it will be easier to get the silver on sale than the gold.
    BTW, you should always wear shorts, you look so good in them, even pregnant!

  5. I love the gold on you. Imo you can let go of the silver altogether. The gold highlights your hair & skintone better. The silver doesn't add like the gold does.

  6. Very pretty on you - esp the gold. I tried it - and you're right - it's not super comfy like a sweatshirt, but it's not uncomfortable - it definitely beats the mohair that JC was offering this winter!! Thanks for sharing all the great pics & styling!


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