Thursday, March 25, 2010

J.Crew Collection Cape May Stripe Lucca Dress

Cape May Stripe Lucca Dress - $95
(appears to be retail only right now)

Dress comes in a pink and white stripe or blue and white stripe.  This is the pink striped version.  It has kind-of a peachy tone to it... and almost looks seersucker.  Shown with Colored Pearl-and-Ribbon Necklace in Coral which is now on sale for $29.

No jewelry.

With off-white cardigan...

and a white cardigan (my fave)

The back .... oh yes, the ruffles never stop!  You can see the back is smocked and very stretchy at the top.

Obligatory side-view.

As girly and off-putting as this dress might be to a lot of people, this dress screams 'me'!  Pink, ruffles, strapless, forgiving, and to the knees (no shorter, no longer!)  I put it on hold a couple of times and finally broke down when I realized I might be able to wear it to the Kentucky Oaks in a month.... which I need a pink dress for because they are doing a "Pink Out" again this year to support the breast cancer cause.

I thought the dress would be shorter than it ended up being.  I'm happy with this length, even if it ends up hiking up a bit as my belly grows.  At this point, it definitely seems stretchy enough to accomodate a 26 week belly without looking crazy or getting stetched out, but we'll have to see.  I'm keeping the tags on until  May 1st!

Why is this dress part of the J.Crew Collection?  You got me.  I seriously have no idea.  For those of you who are over the whole ruffle thing, or aren't into girly dresses, this dress is certainly not for you!  But if you want to stand out a bit this spring and summer, you might want to pop into your local J.Crew and try this puppy on.  The blue stripe is also very nice!


  1. I loved this dress when I saw it in the store! It looks perfect on you.

  2. I tried this dress in the light blue color. It looked super-cute on, ecially belted,but I refused to pay $95 for it considering that we were still months away from the season when I could wear it. I didn't notice that it was a Collection item, that explains the price). Hopefully I will find it on sale. The pink looks great on you!

  3. I love it too! I bought it yesterday in pink for a wedding I'm going to this weekend. Don't be mad but I got it on sale for....$39.99!!! I also got a cute necklace from J.Crew to go with it.


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