Friday, March 26, 2010

J.Crew Pretty Ruffles Jersey Dress

This is the Paris Pink color .... it also comes in Dark Pewter.  I'm wearing a size small.  Could have worn an XS.

There is something I don't like about the arm holes and I usually hate dresses that have a little string belt unless I'm pregnant.   Notice you can kind of see underwear lines a little bit already. :/

Umm, everything looks amazing with this cardigan!

I gave this dress a shot when it was 20% off.  Love the color and the weight of the fabric, which is much heavier and more substancial than I was expecting.  However, as is typical with this 'jersey' fabric, it's still revealing and not very flattering in any place where it fits too close to the body.  I felt like once my belly started pulling more forward, thus pulling the dress fabric tigher against my butt, it would not be a pretty sight.  Plus, it didn't matter anyway because once I looked at this pics of this dress next to my other new dresses, it was a no brainer not to keep this one!  Part of me still loves it, but it's not a keeper for me when there are better things out there for me right now!


  1. You look great in the cardi. The colors look wonderful w/the dress. Thanks for pics of the dress. I'll be linking back to this post in the future :-)

  2. You always look adorable but I think you're right-- this isn't one of your better fitting dresses! ;) The cardi on the other hand~ FABULOUS!! You're making me wish I had one!


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