Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Latest Cravings .... And No, It's Not Food! (Hint: It's Clothes!)

A little pictoral journey through what I am lusting over at J.Crew (and waiting to buy!) right now!

Stretch Double Serge Pencil Skirt - $98

I have the Cinnamon Spice wool pencil skirt from the fall that I LOVE and I didn't even consider getting another one until I read Gigi's post and review here and saw it in the store.  I didn't try it on, but I think I would get my regular size 2.  I wonder what size I would wear in the Petite?  Maybe a Petite 4?  I might try that, as well.  I'm torn between this papaya color and the slate.  Due to extreme lack of need of the item, I will wait until this at least goes on sale and there is a promo.

Watercolor Potpourri Ames Dress - Orig. $148  Now $79.99

OK, this dress I've been stalking for a while and it finally landed in the sale section today.  Here's the deal: I cannot wear it or even know if it's going to fit me properly right now.... but I love it so much that I think I'm willing to take the risk on it in my regular size 2.  I'm watching the numbers closely on this one and will order it when the timing is right!

Shown on the model in the less-popular silver color... this color is darker in person and I actually really liked it!
And here, in the more talked-about golden color.  I have not seen this in person.
I was full-on prepared to hate this when I saw it.  I just didn't get the concept of metallic in the spring time... but it works.  It works for now, it works for later... it just works.  I think what sold me on it was the buttons and the length.  Honestly, it is not going to be the most comfortable cardigan you've ever owned.... it's a little rough.... but it might end up being your favorite!  I'm torn on the color to buy, but I'm not sure I'll be able to wait for a promo or sale to buy this!   Hey, my birthday is this month! ;)

Does anyone know about the sizing on the Ames dress as compared to beach dresses, etc....? 

How about the pencil skirt?  If I were to order a Petite for a shorter fit,  shouldn't I size-up?

How are other ladies wearing their Metallic Beach Cardis?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. That dress is sitting in my shopping cart, as well....I just don't know if I can buy without knowing the fit!

  2. that watercolor dress is so pretty! i can't believe its on sale!

  3. I know! I would have paid full price for that dress if I wasn't prego... I just was never able to see it in person. I kept waiting for my B&M to get it in, but they didn't.

    I figure, unless it's totally wacky on the sizing and fit, if I get my regular size, I can have it altered to fit this fall if needed.

  4. I think that of all these cravings, the wisest purchase for you would be the metallic beach cardigan. It is very risky to buy a dress like the watercolor poutpourri while pregnant (not only you're not your regular size now but you won't be for a very long time). Just my two cents ...I have IRL pics of the metallic beach cardigan with the tie-dyed wednesday skirt (that you also have if I'm not wrong), they are perfect together!

  5. Ema: You're totally right about the dress ... and I had all but forgotten about it until the dramatic price drop. I thought it would go down to like $119 or $99 or something still too high and then it would sell-out ... problem solved. But at $79, it's just good enough to tempt me!
    I DO have the tie-dye Wendy and I SAW the pics of the Wendy and Beach Cardi on your blog and that's why I really want the cardi now!! Great pairing!!

  6. pretty! pretty! pretty!! ugh, i am on a major cravings spell right now too...might have to give in!

  7. I agree with Ema...
    It is so hard to tell what size you will be after your baby. I went down an entire size for a year while I was nursing and none of my normal clothes fit. Of course...they did again after I quit nursing!

  8. Christy: Exactly! I was the thinnest at about 6 months after having my first ... and then got a little lazy after that! It didn't have anything to do with nursing for me (since I wasn't able to do it that long) but it's definitely hard to tell what's going to happen! I HOPE I lose the prego weight and get back to my normal self just as quickly with this second one as I did with the first ... but you never know!!

  9. Lindsey-I am quite confident you will :)
    PS-you look fabulous w/your little bump!


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