Thursday, March 18, 2010

J.Crew Tunique Dress in Jaipure Paisley or "Bazaar Tunic Dress" *Updated*

"Tunique Dress" in Jaipure Paisley (per receipt)
Update! Now online: Bazaar Tunic Dress
$148 - Item# WA7780

This dress is apparently a retail-only item, which I found out trying to get the store to match the online-only 20% off dresses deal.  So, I couldn't get the 20% off price match, but I had to get it anyway!  The pattern is just so striking!

The neckline is pretty deep, which is a nice change of pace for me and J.Crew.  It might not be great for those who are well-endowed, but you could always throw a thin cami on under it.

They had it belted on the model in the store.  This is a tan leather belt, they showed it with a thicker gold belt.  I don't feel like this dress is 'so roomy' that it would 'have' to be belted to look good, but it definitely changes the look of it.

I prefer it belted at this point because it makes it more clear that I'm prego and not just thick through the middle.

The back... obviously.

This is definitely going to be a big-seller as my store just put their new stuff out last night and the only sizes left in this dress were one 10 and one 12 .... and then the size 2 on the model that I had them take off so I could try on! (and buy ;)

Some might find the length of this dress a bit short.  Remember I am 5'5" and prego, to get an idea of the length on me.  I's fully lined and did pass the "sunlight" test in my closet .... aka: not see-thru.  The linen material definitely wrinkles badly, so have your steamer on deck!

I'm considering this dress for a evening wedding this weekend.  It's a little 'springy', but since it has 3/4 length sleeves I feel like I can get away with it.  Not sure how I'm going to accessorize it yet.  The pictures above reflect some of the ideas I had while playing around with it, but I haven't found the perfect match yet.  I feel like I really need a necklace with it, but I don't like the necklace AND belt AND earring look on me.... just too much!  Any ideas appreciated!  Thanks for reading!


  1. That dress is GORGEOUS, and it looks FANTASTIC on you, pregnant or not! I was just looking at the tank version of the print online and I agree, it's a beautiful pattern. I just wish the price were cheaper (smile)

  2. Patina: Thanks! I hate the price, but had to get it when I found out it was retail only and already pretty much sold out in the store! I'm going to the JC website now to checkout the tank you are talking about! Thanks for reading!

  3. The dress is really beautiful and so striking! I love the colors. Nice purchase!

  4. I tried this on this afternoon. I couldn't get into the danggone thing. I had to try a 4 and it finally went on, but was too big in the shoulders & top of the chest. Did you find it easy to get on, or is there a zipper that I missed?

  5. Kathy: Thanks!

    Gigi: Nope, you did not miss a zipper! If I didn't have thin shoulders and a small bust, this might have been impossible to get on! Definitely not a dress to wear out shopping when you are trying things on and having to take it on and off often! Not a bit deal if you can manage to get it on ... but something to keep in mind!

  6. love that dress! the print is so pretty! i really want the cami in this print! thanks for sharing!

  7. I saw that dress yesterday and I have to say that the print is even more striking in person, definitively a must buy. Weird about the zipper though, you would think that they would put a zipper on this kind of dress. It was already sold-out at Collection store today!

  8. Ema: So true ... for $150, where is my zipper?? ;) Glad to hear you like it, as well!

    Ahhh, collection store .... so glad for my wallet that we don't have one of those in my area! :)

  9. Dress looks great on you! I tried it on but I am 5'9" and it was too short for me, too bad because the print is beautiful!

  10. Debye: Yep, at 5'9" I thinking this would be WAY too short! What a bummer!

  11. I like it without the belt. It's a tunic. I think some can be belted, but I think this one is great without it. This would look great with some pale pink jeweled earrings. Longer ones if they look good w/your face/hair. :-)

    I posted a irl pic in this post.

  12. The tunic looks GREAT on you! I have tried it on twice and might go back in for one final try on and purchase. The lighting in the dressing room was lousy think I need your lovely tan to make the colors work. I'm a bit obsessed about this one, which doesn't often happen. Enjoy it!!!


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