Friday, March 19, 2010

Liberty of London for Target: I Said I Wasn't, But You Knew I Would

So, my inital take on the Libert stuff wasn't great, but after picking up a couple of the wallets because they were so cute, and then loving them A LOT when I got home, I decided to head back up to the local Target and give it another go.  Here is what I came home with:

Pleated Dress in Jumper print - I felt like the XS was tight and restricting in the neck and armhole area, so I ended up getting a Small.  I feel like I'll be able to wear this for a couple more months.
With dark blue LOFT cardigan

Halter Dress - Obviously, this can also be worn strapless.  This is a size XS and is totally going back.  Yes, there is room for the belly to grow, but my goodness!  This dress makes me look 8 months prego already .... no.

Ruffle Neck Top - This is a Small.  I thought about getting a Medium, but this one will still fit for a little while!  What a nice neckline and flowy shape!  The turquoise is also great, but totally not my coloring.

Sateen Trench in Dunclare Yellow  - I am such a coat-whore.... seriously, I do not need this.  This is an XS.  I didn't like this or it's crazy black ball buttons on the front when I first saw it, but the back totally sold me on it!  The pics just don't do it justice.  The only thing it's missing is pockets.... but hey, when you have WAY TOO MANY coats as it is, I can just wear this one on days I don't need pockets! ;)

Coated Shopper in Pink Garla print - This will be my "carrying magazines to the pool" tote this summer!  Cute!

Swim Coverup - This is a Small so I can wear it a little longer this summer.  Can't wait to take this puppy to Huntington Beach in a couple of weeks!  (sweet tag shot, too!)

I also got a couple of the cute, floral mugs (because they make me happy in the morning) and the cotton duffle for a gym bag!  It blows my current Vera Bradley out of the water with it's extra zipper, external, and internal cell pockets!   I picked up the 2-piece swimsuit and the tankini set, but I'm not sure I'll keep them.  Have you felt the swim fabric?  OMG, it's the softest!!  Really incredible for the price!


  1. You're so right, the swimwear is incredibly soft!! LOVE the swimsuits the most! :)

    I also picked up that tunic. I think it might be my favorite piece from the colllection... well, aside from the swimwear, of course!! =P

    Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy seeing your selections and your IRL photos-- keep 'em comin'! I also enjoy watching your growing tummy grow- you just look so fabulous!!

  2. The swimwear is great! I bought two suits and I love them. I like your picks...especially the first dress.

  3. Everything looks great on you--I may have to check this stuff out in person!


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