Saturday, March 13, 2010

Liberty of London For Target: Finally Here!

I made a last-minute stop at Target tonight hoping some Liberty stuff might already be out on the racks!  Sure enough, it was!  A girl working the floor told me they got it all in and out on the floor last night. 

Here is my personal take on this gorgeous, exciting line.... and remember, this is from a pregnant girl's point of view! ;)

First off, I was really excited about the trench coat and that was specifically what I was looking for.  Unfortunately, when I saw it IRL, I was like.... uhhh.  In fact, I kept looking around the the jacket I swear I saw in the commercials and previews of the line, only to finally figure out that this was in fact that same trench.  Bummer.  It's yellow patterned and has big black shiny buttons.  Although it was very nicely made, even at $45, it was certianly not what I was hoping for and definitely passed.
(I LOVE my coat from the 2006 Tara Jarmon for Target collection!  I've lost a couple buttons, though which sucks because they are so unique!  I still love pulling it out every spring!  The picture below was taken from
Tara Jarmon for Target ala 2006

My absolute favorite items were the swimsuits.  They feel lucsious.... like the softest swim suit material I've even felt!  I purchased a tankini and 2-piece bikini - all in size smalls - to wear next year.  They were $19.99 per piece.  The cups are lightly padded, which are hard to find!  Love it!  Cute cover-ups are well, but I don't need any.

The dresses and tops are gorgeous, but I found the patterns to be quite overwhelming.  I brought one dress home to try, but it's going back.  Some of them actually would have worked through my second trimester because of the cut, but I just can't do it.  Too much.  I'll look again tomorrow to see if there is a smaller pattern or different style I might like better.  The price of the dress I bought is $29.99.

Love the accessories!  Rain boots are cute, but I have no need for a third pair of rain boots.  The umbrella was already sold out at the store I went to, but it looks super-cute on the TV commercial (and matches the rain boots!)  There are 2 styles of medium/large sized wallets that could also be used alone as a small clutch, cute bucket hats that will be great by the pool, and a couple different bags ... including one that is laminated and would be great to tote magazines to the beach or pool .... and one fabric small duffle with a removable shoulder strap that makes a great gym bag!

The home stuff is cute, but again, a little much for our house I'm afraid!  If I had (or was having) a little girl, I' be all over the toddler stuff!  If you are a mom of a little girl you HAVE to check it out!!

Sorry I don't have any pics (believe me, I am sparing you by not showing swimsuit pics at this point!) but I'm anticipating everything being available online later tonight (like after midnight or 1 am) so don't forget to check it out!  Thanks for reading!


  1. I don't have kids, but it I had a little girl I would be all over this collection!

    Most of the shoppers in the store I went to were snatching up the coats. I agree with you, it's okay but...

    I got two tops (sans ruffles), but spend most of my Liberty budget on assesories. I got the hats, clutch and a laminated magazine bag.

  2. I like the jacket you got in 2006--but the Target rollout does nothing for me!


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