Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chambray Perfect Shirt - J. Crew

Chambray Perfect Shirt - $78
(Summer '09) Item# 15463 100% Cotton

What a surprise this shirt was! I first saw it in the store last week and there was only a size 14 left. Luckily, my B&M got another shipment in yesterday and the super-nice SA's put a 0 and a 2 on hold for me!

**yes, I completely suck at this shopping ban thing ... but, in my defense, I'm adding days onto the original 2 weeks for every day I cheat ... which means this could go on forever ;)**

I popped in first thing this morning to take a peek at the shirts in my size, and I loved them even more! The SA couldn't believe they received more in their shipment ... it was a surprise! Yea! Apparently, I'm not the only one coveting this shirt ... so they said. I hardly EVER buy anything for FP from JC, but this shirt I had to have.

The sheen of the fabric takes it from being just a plain 'ole boring shirt, to something truly special. It does have a nice "hand-feel" as JC likes to say in their descriptions, and the fabric is nice and airy, with no stretch. I really like the 2-pocket look since I am small chested and I feel like it accentuates that area a bit! The buttons on the front are just a bit larger in size than on my other perfect shirts from JC, making it easier to button and unbutton.

I think this is going to make an excellent addition to my summer and fall wardrobe. I tried to take pictures of the different ways it can be worn... after a brief meeting with my new Garment Steamer (review to follow soon!) because it was SO wrinkly!! I'm not sure I would necessarily pair it with Bright Rhubarb Cafe Capris like in these pictures (it's just what I already had on!) but I do like it with the F21 pearl necklace!

**Bottom Line: This shirt runs pretty TTS. I could have gone with a zero, but it was a bit snug across the shoulders and back area and I would not have been able to wear even a thin t-shirt underneath it. I ended up with a 2, which is my true size (at JC at least). At $78, this is definitely an investment, IMO... but something about it I just LOVE!


  1. I purchased this shirt to~ love it!!! Soft, comfy, & flattering!

    Would you mind if I clipped one of your photos of this shirt to Polyvore? Since it is not available on J.Crew's website (yet!) I would love to have a picture on Polyvore!?!?

    I'm lovin' your blog! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. MMM- That's fine about the photo thing. I don't mind at all!

    Thanks for reading!


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