Thursday, June 18, 2009

Steam Fast Garment Steamer

Steam Fast Garment Steamer - $39.99 (Tuesday Morning)

Ok, so today is not a clothing item, but the next best thing ... an item that makes clothing look better!

To preface, I DO NOT IRON. I own an iron and a mini ironing board, but mostly because I feel like I have to (as a home owner, wife, and mom ... isn't it like a law or something?) But, the board is still in the plastic wrap, and the iron is one that somehow found its way on over to the new house from DH's bachelor pad when we moved... don't even know if it works.... don't care.

Anyway, I bought my mom a travel / portable garment steamer for Christmas (which she loves.... and it's pink, so bonus) and ever since then, I've been hauling clothing to her house every now and then to have them steamed... especially online-ordered JC items that come in shambles. It was really time I grew up and started using something a little more substantial than Downy Wrinkle Releaser (lived on that product since college!) on our family's clothing... especially DH's nice work clothes!

I noticed a Tuesday Morning ad at my grandmother's house a while back and there was a garment steamer in the ad. I made the decision at that point to bite the bullet ... to head to our nearest location that next Tuesday to pick one up.

The owner's manual states it takes 45 seconds to heat up .... but I think it's more like 20-30 seconds. Sweet! I'm thinking of racing my new RHD hair straightener and this steamer to see which one is ready first ... both are lightening fast!

I had read nightmare stories about the less-than-optimal results garment steamer owners got using their steamers.... soooo, I was prepared to hate it, pack it back up, and return it.

Until, I used it for the first time.


No complaints here. I've even de-wrinkled linen items .... as well as silk, cotton, etc... with no issues. There is a plastic hook on the top of the rod which conveniently holds the item on a hanger while you are steaming it! The rod is in 3 sections, so it easily can be stored and then pulled right back up and used again. The fabric brush attachment came with it and I've used it on everything I've steamed so far, even if I didn't actually need to touch the brush to the fabric.

See .... folds up small so it can fit in my junky linen closet!

Cute little tank

They claim the water tank holds up to 45 minutes worth of water for steaming, and has a helpful little drain plug for emptying the tank area after use if you aren't going to be using it again for a while. It doesn't tank any special kind of water or chemical or anything, but they do suggest using fresh water and cleaning the tank periodically. That's easier than a vacuum cleaner!

The little plastic hook at the top of the rod

**Bottom Line: This is MUCH cheaper than the so-called "professional" garment steamers and I am 100% happy with this product. If I had paid $100 for this, would still be happy... so it's good! What a HUGE improvement over ironing for so many reasons... safety (for me and my clothes!), efficiency, pretty much fool-proof, fun to use, and WAY faster that ironing all those wrinkles on your Victoria Cami! ;)

Do you have a garment steamer? Hate it or love it?


  1. Did you steam the chambray perfect shirt with this? Because mine is completely wrinkled (from the store) and when I saw yours I thought: WOW, that's a well-ironed shirt!

  2. Ema - Yep! The shirt looked like crappola when I first got it home .... the store literally had it scrunched up in a pile for me on hold ... not even on a hanger!!

    I seriously use this steamer on EVERYTHING now! It's so easy!! If I had tried to iron that shirt, it would have looked worse than how it started!

  3. Good review- I neeeeeeed a steamer, so this is great! I have a Tuesday Morning right down the street from me, I should go run and see what they have for steamers! *runs*

  4. Chloe -- YES! I cannot believe how long I lived without this!! FYI - Target and Home Depot also carry this model .... I think they are around $59.99 ... but you could get 10% off using (if you are a member) plus free shipping! Or, try Amazon, too if your Tuesday Morning doesn't have it anymore! I went to return something there last week and they only had one steamer left in their store!
    HTH! Thanks for reading! Good luck!


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