Friday, June 12, 2009

Watercolor Floral Pencil Skirt - J. Crew

A crisp pencil skirt silhouette, in an alluring painterly floral print. Cotton. Sits at waist. Back zip. Back vent. Fully lined. 24" long. Import. Machine wash. $88.00 item 14864

How lovely! This skirt was rolled-out a couple of months ago ... luckily while I still had my spending-frenzy-inspiring 25% off Red Card!! I had seen the print at my B&M the day before and loved it, and it was already sold out in every size but 12. So I snatched it up online in my size before it went bye-bye forever (which it did quite quickly, actually) and while I could still use my 25% off card.

The length of the skirt is a little longer than expected, especially for me and my shorty legs. BUT, the print is so yummy, that I was willing to look past that ... in fact, why do I need ALL my pencil skirts to be exactly the same length? I don't! So this one is just a bit longer than most of my others. The fabric is nice, but not amazing. For the price (under $100) I wasn't expecting anything luscious or perfection... and I'm glad. The skirt would probably fit better and be a bit more flattering if it enlisted a little stretch action, but as-is, the fit is fine.

I want to say this skirt is TTS (a bit roomy in the hip area) but that is SO just relative to other pieces from this season. (**Side note: JC's sizing is so wack, there is no way to know anymore what TTS really is!!! This skirt is a 2. In some dresses and capris from this year, I've purchased a 0 in order for them to fit correctly... but also some 2's. Furthermore, in the Giraffe Print Shorts -coming in a later "review" post, I needed a size 4. Come ON JC, get the sizing act together!!

OK - I'm done ranting.

The print of this skirt alone makes it a keeper. I get compliments everywhere I wear it. Another huge bonus is that you can wear basically any color top with it, tucked or not, and any color belt (if you choose) and shoes. I wore it this year for Mother's Day and for a graduation party just recently. Love it!

Imitating the "brown belt" look shown in the catalog... love it with this raw-neckline heather gray tee!

Mother's Day with the fam .... this is the only pic I could find that showed the length while standing.

The sun was killing my eyes in this picture!! Here I have on the skinny leather belt in sherbet?

**Bottom Line: A definite buy if you are in the market for a dress-up or down piece for the spring and summer. I paid full price (but with the red card), and it's still FP online... if you can catch it as a pop-back on
**Update - for those of you who watch Y&R (Young & the Restless), Gloria was wearing this skirt on Friday! She had it paired with a white button down. I didn't LOVE it on her... maybe the outfit, maybe just not her style?! Did you see it? What did you think? Also, did Sharon have on the Silk Garland Cami in Navy? I couldn't tell!**


  1. Well, I have to say that this is the first time that I like this skirt on someone. I don't buy pencil skirts in general because I don't have any occasion to wear them and I didn't particularly like this one, but it looks so nice and fresh on you! And I like how you dressed it down with a simple tee. Definitively a good buy, especially if you could use your Mickey card. And the best is that if you get tired of it you can always sell it on ebay for FP or plus!

  2. Oups, I just noticed that the model is wearing it the same way, but it looks way better on you than on her!

  3. Thanks, Ema! I paired it with t's both times because I didn't want to look too overdressed. I'm hoping to do something dressier with it soon! Dare I say... maybe even the Elizabeth halter in flame. I know it sounds crazy, but that color is hidden in the skirt! Might be too wild ... not sure! I'll take pics!

    I'm right there with you on the eBay thing ... I already thought about that! Funny!


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