Thursday, June 25, 2009

Discounted Designer Sandals - Eric Javits

The BEST new store opened up about 15 minutes from my house (and conveniently in the same shopping center as J. Crew, so I'm there a lot!). It's called Marmi Designer Shoe Rack and they are only open to the public Friday through Sunday. (as a frequent customer, I did find out that the public can come in on Thursday, but they are re-stocking, so it's kind of a mess! Needless to say, I go on Thursdays now!) The store carries only first quality shoes (including overstocks, past season, and samples) of a limited number of high quality designer shoe brands. Best of all, they specialize in hard-to-find sizes and widths, which includes narrows! Yea! All sales are final and they only accept credit cards and cash - no checks (who carries a checkbook anymore, anyway?) and all styles are $24.99 or $29.99, with a few clearance styles in the back being $19.99!
The brands they carry were nothing I had ever heard of before (mostly because there is no place to buy them in my area ... also because I'm just not an expensive-shoe kind of gal) but they are all leather and very comfortable! Brands they carry include: Eric Javits, Sesto Meucci, Amalfi, Rangoni and others!
I bought a couple pairs of flats there a few weeks ago (which actually stay on my narrow feet AND have great support!), but today I'd like to showcase the sandals I just snagged!
White and gold metallic slip-on w/ kitten heel

Gold and Black "Starfish" slingbacks w/ 1.5" wooden heel

Fuchsia suede flower sandal with natural/ gold colored straps and orange insole

They even have pretty insoles ... just like J. Crew!

Of course, like with any discount retailer, it's hit or miss when I shop there. Sometimes, like today, they'll just have gotten a huge shipment of great items in... other times I leave with nothing! But, it's always worth it to pop inside. The employees are always extremely helpful and polite! The biggest downfall is finding an awesome shoe that they don't have in your size anymore (obviously, 6-8 are the most rare so you have to shop frequently) and there is only one mirror in the whole place in the back of the store!!
Even the employees are not sure how long the store will be around since they have only a temporary lease with the shopping plaza right now for the space they're in (where a store just moved out) but I really hope they stick around! I can't wait to see if they get boots in this fall and winter!

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