Monday, June 15, 2009

Brand New J. Crew Top!!!

Pretty new J. Crew Top!
Up-close shot of the ruffles!

I just SOOOOO cheated on my shopping strike..... but it was totally worth it!!! Let me show you!

Connor and I were having a rough day (like a lot of Mondays when he... or us both... are still recovering from the weekend) so I decided I deserved a little "shopping" (not buying) trip. As I was just getting ready to leave J. Crew, I noticed one of the nice associates folding a bunch of new tops! Even though I'm not supposed to be buying anything right now, I had to take a look.

It was PERFECT!!! Exactly what I've been waiting for! Why? It's garment cotton... yea for washable! Sleeveless ... perfect for summer! It's got ruffles... cute! And, the kicker, it's not crazy-big and baggy like every other JC top that's come out recently! It fits perfectly, hugging the body just enough to look nice, but not show-your-muffin-top tight!

I have no idea what the name of this tank is, but the style# is 17329 and it came in at least these colors: lavender, crisp celery, slate (which is the one I got - SLA), dark slate, white, and natural. Sizing is XS, S, M, L, XL. The best part: $35 retail price! One of the store managers who checked me out said there was no way these will be around for very long ... and I think he's right!

See! No puffy, weird a-line silhouette!

Key-hold back button

**Bottom Line: BUY THIS TOP! The price, the fit, the style.... everything is perfect! I want more colors! I got an XS and it fits great. If you are large busted, you MAY want to size up. Otherwise, I think this is TTS.

***Update: I checked my receipt and the name of the top appears to be: Slub Shirred Ruffle Tank... FYI


  1. Ooh I really like the top. The ruffles are more subtle than some of the tops J.Crew has produced lately. Did you happen to notice how sheer this top was in white?

  2. Whitney - I did not, but I predict that with a nude colored bra it would be fine! There is a sheerness that comes with the "slub" quailty fabric. But, the weight of the fabric is pretty substancial, so I think it would be fine! Good luck!

  3. I just bought this top yesterday too! I love it!! I bought the rosey-nude-taupe color, also an XS. I really want the pale sage green one too. Finally a machine washable e top!

    Just became a follower here-- what a nice blog!


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