Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trench Rain Coat w/ Hood - Michael by Michael Kors

This is a little something special I snatched up at T.J. Maxx a couple weeks ago. I'm still trying to decide if I should keep it ... so that's the nature of this post.

I've put it back in the TJ bag w/ receipt twice already, then took it back to try on and then hung it back in the closet. My gut feeling is to return it because I'm obviously not 100% happy with it ... but then again, I got a great deal on it.

The most positive aspect of this coat is the hood!! OMG - what's a girl gotta do to get a cute rain jacket with a hood? COME ON!! If I end up returning this one, I think I'm going to search for a North Face white rain jacket with hood. I'm leaning toward that since the length would be shorter, which is more practical for every day wear.

I have a few other trench coats (BR trench - thanks to JCA exchange, JC Travel Trench, etc...) so I'm not hurtin' for a trench-style coat ... BUT none of them have hoods! And, as other moms out there know, it's damn near impossible to hold an umbrella AND a baby, diaper bag, your keys, close the door, etc... hence the need for a hood if it's down-pouring.

So what do you think? Do I keep this jacket, or opt for a more practical, shorter style? I have about another week to decide!


  1. Return. If you've already packed it up twice, it means you're on the fence. On of the fence = prolly won't wear it. At least that's my experience. You're probably sold on on the hood + price, and not so much on the color maybe?



  2. I agree with Gigi, you will regret not returning it if you don't like it that much.

  3. Thanks guys! I KNOW you are right! My mom always tells me: "If you don't feel like running out the door wearing it right now, it's not a keeper! Even if it's on sale, it's not a deal if you don't wear it!!" I try to live by that! It's going back tonight!!

  4. I agree. If you haven't worn it yet back it goes. I have learned the hard way to never cut tags off and abide by a two week rule-- if I haven't worn it within two weeks of purchase, I probably never will.

    (I do really like it, though!)

  5. I only stumbled across you here because I'm googling "rain coat with hood" because IT'S IMPOSSIBLE to find a raincoat with a freaking hood! Which baffles me--isn't that about half the reason you put on a raincoat in the first place--for your hair? And I don't want waist-length--the length of yours is perfect. I think your raincoat is awesome. I have been searching online for 2 days now and have turned up nothing. Wish me luck!

  6. karla: I'm getting ready to do a post on a North Face rain parka that is awesome for the summer! It' more of a 'practical' jacket than a fashion piece, but I LOVE it! Thanks for reading!

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