Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chiffon Rose Tee - Ann Taylor LOFT

I picked up this tee from my sister today (who purchased it for me last night before they all sold out!) and I really love it. There was only one XS left in the store and she got it! Yippie! It appears to be completely sold out online (or at least I can't find it) so I can't show ATL's description, but here are my thoughts and pics!

My first thought was that the tee shirt is very striking, just like the elusive J. Crew Rose tee from a while back. The twisted detail of the neckline is a nice touch, as well as double-stitched side seams. I haven't seen the black version, but the natural color is just thick enough to not be too see-thru as long as you wear a nude colored bra.

The quality of the actual tee shirt is about what you'd expect from ATL, but not quite as nice as I expected from a $35 tee shirt. There is no stretch to make it conform nicely to the body and the fit is a bit snug in the bust area and loose in the stomach area. For someone like me, that works out nicely, but for a large busted lady, maybe not-so-much. I'm sure the quality of the JC rose tee was better, but then again, maybe not ... JC hasn't exactly been Grade A on quality lately!
I love it with the black cardi (also ATL, purchased when they were Buy 1, Get 1, which was a super deal!) as recommended in this great review of the tee.

**Bottom Line: This is a great alternative to paying crazy eBay money for the original JC rose tee, plus I kind of like the thicker, chiffon outline a little better, anyway. $34.50 is still a lot to pay for a mediocre quality tee shirt (IMO), making this a MUST HAVE only for JC fans out there still searching for a rose too, but the unique design on the tee makes it worth it, esp if you have a coupon. TTS for ATL.


  1. Love it! I was thinking about getting this to wear with a black cardi and now I know it works. Thanks for sharing! Looks great on you! Now I just hope I can find one. These seem to be turing into a very hot item!

  2. I am wondering what size to purchase!? Should I purchase the same size that I wear in J.Crew's *graphic* tees??? TIA! :)

  3. MMM - I normally purchase a small in JC graphic tees because I don't like them to be really clingy in the stomach area (the associates always want me to get XS, but I just don't feel comfortable!) However, with the ATL tee, a small would have been way too big. So I guess I would *size down* one size for the ATL tee, unless you are large busted and then I would stick with your regular size .... there isn't a lot of stretch in there, so it's not clingy! I hope that helps!

  4. Thanks a BUNCH Lindsey!!! That really helps me! I am not large busted- I just have to get tees that don't cling to my tummy either! ;) I think I will go w/ my *usual* ATL size (which is one size down than I wear in JC's graphic tees)!

    I am doing a 'charge-send' from a ATL store because they are all sold-out online and in my local stores already! I hope they fit {fingers crossed}! :)


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