Friday, June 12, 2009

Sue Wong Dress

Welcome to Day 2 of the shopping strike. I did not buy anything today {pat on the back} ... but I must admit that I did stalk the J. Crew update this morning and was online right when it hit... but nothing on my list of things that I am 'allowed' were available in my size, so it made it easy to pass.
Today I am highlighting one the the most expensive items I have ever purchased. A Sue Wong dress I wore for my rehearsal dinner almost 3 years ago. If I recall correctly, the retail price was about $350 and I bought it for FP at Von Maur.
Sue Wong - $350 - Von Maur
The back .... low cut!
When I first tried this dress on (like 3 years ago!) it seriously fit like a glove. All the other ladies trying on clothes in the dressing room at the time basically demanded I buy the dress because it was just so amazing. I probably went back to the store 2 or 3 times after that, trying on the dress and half-hoping they would sell the one in my size so I wouldn't HAVE to buy it.
Yeah right!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. The feature that really sold me was the "dancey" look ... with my background in dance, I just thought the flouncy hem-line would be super-fun on the dance floor.
I'm not sure I have the confidence to wear this dress out again yet ... there are little ribbon and bead 3-D flowers on the lower abdomen area, which are not so great for hiding the post-baby pooch. But, my goal will be to wear this dress to a social event before getting pregnant again! When I do, I'll post the pics here. Until then, I leave you with the pics above (taken today) and the pics below (taken from our wedding weekend and honeymoon!).
On our honeymoon in Antigua

Rehearsal dinner after-part at Felt in 4th Street Live

**Bottom Line: This was a definite crazy-in-love, money-is-no-object purchase.... but I love it! TTS - bought a size 2.... this is a fitted style.


  1. This dress is amazing! I also once splurged on a DVF evening dress that I planned to wear to a birthday party in Palm Springs. I went to Bloomi to try it twice or three times before buying it because it was so expensive. It costed $450 plus tax. But hubby didn't like it so I returned it and I felt better.

    Hope that you can wear it again soon!

  2. Not that I want you to break your shopping ban, but I just saw a pair of denim cruise shorts in a size 2 on the website ($29.99)...

  3. Thanks, Ema! DH doesn't see why I couldn't just wear the dress right now ... maybe if I didn't eat or drink anything during the day I would feel OK about ... or Spanx! ha!

    Don't you LOVE it when the DH doesn't like something and they have NO IDEA what it costs ... I'm glad you felt better after returning it ... believe me, I am VERY familiar with that feeling of 'return relief'.

    ALSO - I DID order the shorts ... I'm bad. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letter me know! I won't blame you for breaking the ban ... I would have been so mad had I found out those were on there and I didn't catch it!! And, if it turns out I needed a 4, they're going back anyway (see how I justify things? BAD! ;)


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